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Image 1 for Tribrid Male 2

Tribrid Male 2


Image of Hybrid Tegu

Hybrid Tegu ∙ Salvator x Salvator


unique pattern! bwxbluexred possible het albino

Date of birth: 7/17/2021

Weight: 0.01 Gram(s)

Read our Hybrid Tegu Care Guide to learn more about the care required for this reptile.

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This reptile was produced by Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts has over 30 years of animal handling experience, over 20 years of teaching experience, and 15 years of working with tegus. Her educational background includes studies in Animal Science, Cardiopulmonary Science, and graduate work in Education. Furthermore, she has been trained as a Project Wild educator by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and served as a FWC volunteer researching wild tegus in Central Florida. Laura has volunteered with 4H and the Central Florida Zoo, always seeking more knowledge about nature. When she is not teaching, she is spending time with her family, caring for her animals, working in her wildlife education business (Zoo Mom Science), riding horses, moderating several tegu Internet groups, and researching tegus continuously. Laura currently owns a number of tegus. She has been fortunate enough to breed these amazing reptiles and share them with others.

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This Reptile’s Mother


Picture #1

Uniquely patterned hybrid tegu bwxbluexred het for albino. Produced by Hector Berrios

This Reptile’s Father


Picture #1

Prince is a gorgeous purple (redxblue het albino) tegu produced by Eric Zukowski.