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Q&A of Laura Roberts

Find answers to common questions about buying reptiles from Laura Roberts.

What days do you normally ship?

We try to ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in order to avoid delays that may occur on other days of the week.

How long does shipping take?

We are able to ship out within 1-2 business days.

How do you pack your reptiles and what shipping service do you use?

Reptiles are securely packed in a deli cup or cotton bag and placed in an appropriately sized box with a temperature stabilizing pack as needed. The box size is important so that movement of the contents and temperature changes within the box are minimized

Do you ship your reptiles to every state in the US?

Our reptiles are shipped to every state within the Continental US as permitted by state and local laws.

Can I contact you about ongoing care after my reptile purchase?

Of course! Continuing customer support is important to us.

What is your reptile keeping/breeding background?

Although I've had a lifelong love of reptiles, it wasn't until the early 1990's that I began working with reptiles, specifically Varanus exanthematicus. My family eventually caught my passion and we started breeding bearded dragons and corn snakes in the early 2000's. Tegus were added in 2006 and we quickly fell in love with them.

What are your goals as a breeder?

We breed animals to supply people with healthy and attractive animals to add to their life experience. Our goal is to add something positive in temperament or appearance and strengthen the species.

What special considerations should people be aware of when working with tegus?

It must be remembered that tegus are large, intelligent lizards. They require a large enclosure, a nutritious diet, and careful handling.

Do you do any work with reptiles apart from breeding?

Yes we do! Our educational business, Zoo Mom Science, LLC, was started to allow people to learn about reptiles and develop an appreciate for them rather than a fear of them. We also accept reptiles from homes that can no longer care for them and keep those animals as rescues or find a suitable permanent home.

What else do you do apart for caring for reptiles?

At the Double R Ranch, we spend a lot of time caring for reptiles. We also enjoy getting out into nature through boating and trail riding our horses.