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Questions & Answers

Here are a few of the questions we get asked the most. If you don’t see your question answered here feel free to reach out to us!

Selling on HappyDragons

How do I sell on HappyDragons?

To sell on HappyDragons you will need to submit an application and complete our breeder screening questionnaire. Get started by clicking ‘Apply to be a seller’ on the homepage!

What is the HappyDragons screening process like?

During the screening process you will fill out a questionnaire answering questions about your breeding facility and breeding practices. Questions will include topics such as breeder genetics and the set-up of enclosures. You will also be asked to provide pictures of animals you recently bred and a video tour of your facility. After completing the questionnaire you will receive a follow up call from the HappyDragons team.

How does selling on HappyDragons work?

After you are approved to sell on HappyDragons you will have access to our inventory system where you can list your current stock of reptiles. You will also create a Stripe account so that you can receive direct payments from animal sales. Your stripe account will also let you make in-person sales through HappyDragons using this Stripe account on your phone with a custom QR code we provide.

Once a customer makes a purchase we will confirm the purchase with you and connect you and your customer though our customer concierge. This concierge will help coordinate the shipping of the reptile and guide the customer through the arrival process and care. Reptiles purchased through HappyDragons can be onboarded to our care and health tracking application. That means you will have access to your reptile's care and life updates so you can stay connected!

Do you do waitlists?

We don’t do waitlists, we instead have a ‘get updates’ feature where customers can sign up to get notified when new animals from a specific breeder or of a certain species become available. You will be notified when customers join a waitlist for you or for a species that you sell, and you will have access to this list of customers for your own marketing. When you make a new listing available people on the waitlist will be notified and sales will be on a first come, first served basis.

Do you do reservations?

Yes, we do allow presales and take reservations. We require 100% of the animal’s cost to be paid upfront. We will only refund this deposit if there is an issue on HappyDragons’ end or the breeder is unable to provide the animal.

What are the benefits of selling on HappyDragons?

In addition to being part of the better reptile care revolutions there are some real benefits to selling on HappyDragons. Firstly, you will receive a percentage of all enclosure and supply sales made through the platform that relate to a reptile you have sold. Additionally, each customer will have access to the HappyDragons care guides and other educational materials. HappyDragons customer care representatives will help you answer basic care questions by referring customers to these guides and will coordinate the arrival of the animal with the arrival of supplies. HappyDragons’ emphasis on educating buyers will mean that your customers will be better prepared to care for the reptile when it arrives. Breeders will also have access to the care data from animals they’ve sold and will be able to get updates on how their animals are doing in their new homes.

Is there a fee to sell on HappyDragons?

No. There is no fee to sell on HappyDragons and HappyDragons takes no percentage of sales made. The only fee breeders will see is the standard credit card processing fee from Stripe.

When will I get my money?

Money from the sales of reptiles is sent to your Stripe account after 24 hours. You can set up your Stripe account to link directly to your bank account. We hold the money for 24 hours to account for accidental purchases, such as an animal left in the cart when purchasing supplies.

Your percentage of the sales of supplies and enclosures related to your reptile will be distributed on a monthly basis.

Buying on HappyDragons

How do I buy on HappyDragons?

You will need to create an account before you can buy on HappyDragons. You must be at least 18 years old to make a purchase.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

What happens after I purchase a reptile on HappyDragons?

Once you make a purchase we will connect you and the breeder so you can ask any final questions and discuss delivery. If you have also ordered supplies, a HappyDragons representative will help coordinate the shipping of the reptile to make sure your enclosure and supplies arrive first. If you have any questions about your order or reptile care feel free to reach out to a HappyDragons’ representative!

You can create a pet profile for your new reptile in the Your Reptile’s section of your account profile. We recommend you set up your pet’s profile before they arrive so you will be ready to keep track of their care schedule.

What are the benefits of getting a HappyDragon reptile?

HappyDragons reptiles only come from vetted breeders. This means that your new pet is well bred and not prone to genetic disorders. It also means that your reptile will come to you from a good care environment, not a crowded mill. HappyDragons reptiles are also always captive bred, never wild caught, so they will have the best chance of having a domestic temperament.

What are the benefits of buying through HappyDragons?

In addition to knowing you are buying from reputable and vetted breeders, buying your new reptile through HappyDragons means you will have access to accurate care info on the species you bought or are planning to purchase via our comprehensive care guides created by husbandry researcher ReptiFiles

After you get your reptile home you will be able to use the HappyDragons app where you can easily track your reptile's feeding, care, and other husbandry metrics. You’ll also be a part of the HappyDragons community of reptile enthusiasts which is a great place to share updates and ask questions. This feature is not yet live but it will be coming soon!

What is your breeder screening process like?

We thoroughly vet all the breeders who sell on HappyDragons to ensure that they uphold the highest genetic and care standards. Buying a new reptile can be scary and it can be a lot of work to figure out which breeders are using good practices on your own. That’s why we’ve taken this task on for you, we know what to ask and what to look for. Breeders undergo screening which includes a questionnaire, photos of their animals, a video tour of their facility, and a phone interview.

How does shipping work?

HappyDragons Breeders ship only with FedEx priority overnight to FedEx shipping hubs, not home addresses or P.O. Boxes. To avoid busier travel times HappyDragons breeders also will only ship reptiles out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. When you check out you will be asked to select a shipping week when you will be available to receive the reptile and your preferred FedEx shipping hub location.

What is your return/cancelation policy?

HappyDragons has a strict no refunds policy on live reptile sales. Refunds will only be issued if an error has occurred on HappyDragon’s end or the breeder is unable to fulfill your purchase.

What if my reptile arrives dead?

HappyDragons does have a dead on arrival policy that all breeders agree to honor for animals that perish during shipping. If your animal has arrived unresponsive you must contact HappyDragons immediately and provide video documentation.

How do I set up a pet profile?

When you create an account you’ll have the option to create a pet profile for any reptiles you own. You’ll be able to add basic details about your reptile’s enclosure, diet, and other care metrics. As we add more features, HappyDragons will be able to help you keep track of your reptile’s care schedule as well as gain insights into ways you can work to improve your pet’s health. You can add a new reptile profile at any time from inside your account profile.

Do you work with rescues and organizations that rehome pets?

We do not currently sell rescues or rehome animals on HappyDragons. Rescues are a great place to get a new reptile, but we do not currently have a screening process for these organizations. We hope to eventually add rescues and rehoming to HappyDragons so check back soon!

How do I contact customer service?

You can reach out to HappyDragons’ customer service through HappyDragons chat or email us at Hello@HappyDragons.com. Our customer service hours are 9am-6pm EST Monday through Friday.