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Q&A of Living Art by Frank Payne

Find answers to common questions about buying reptiles from Living Art by Frank Payne.

When do you ship?

I ship every Tuesday and Wednesday via FedEx priority overnight. Packages are almost always ready for you to pick up before noon the following day.

How do you ship?

I ship using the Ship Your Reptiles service via the FedEx network. I have shipped hundreds of packages and thousands of animals via Ship Your Reptiles with 100% success rate.

How much does shipping cost?

I charge a flat rate of $50 for shipping. Actual shipping cost almost always costs me more. That shipping price is included in the cost of your reptile.

Why don't all of the reptiles you sell have individual pictures?

Many of the reptiles I breed and sell are sold as juveniles that all look basically identical to each other. When I have animals, like blue tongue skinks, that have individual variation I always have an actual photo of the animal available.