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Q&A of iPardalis

Find answers to common questions about buying reptiles from iPardalis.

What days do you normally ship?

Monday - Wednesday. FedEx Priority Overnight for next-day arrival.

How do you pack your reptiles for shipping?

We check the destination weather and the transportation hub weather. If the low drops below 50 degrees, we add a 60 hr heat pack. If the high goes above 80 degrees we add a cryopak. Sometimes, we add both to regulate the extremes. We use a 1/2" insulated box large enough to accommodate the temperature controls and put their welfare first.

How often do you have reptiles in stock?

Most of the year we have reptiles available; however, we publish our clutches ahead of time and run a reservation program if you want to be first in line when they are available (ipardalis.com/babies/upcoming).

Do you cancel orders?

Yes - everything we do is 100% refundable

Can I reach out after purchasing?

Yes! We love to hear from people about their experience and their animal's development.