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Manzanita Wood (Medium) by Josh's Frogs

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Manzanita Wood (Medium) by Josh's Frogs

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  • Description

    • Hard, durable, sandblasted wood
    • Suitable for terrestrial & aquatic habitats
    • Perfect for climbing & basking
    • Sustainably sourced from California
    • Each piece is unique, selected by size

    Manzanita is a hard, durable wood from the arid regions of the western United States. Our Manzanita is legally and sustainably collected from private lands in California, then sandblasted for cleanliness. This wood holds up well in almost any environment, from arid to tropical to fully aquatic! Manzanita’s warm color fits nicely in naturalistic desert enclosures, but once placed in a humid environment, the wood quickly darkens, blending right in with any tropical habitat, making it the perfect decor for all setups!