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Mandarin Tangerine


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Leopard Gecko ∙ Eublepharis macularius


Temperature-sexed female Mandarin Tangerine Leopard Gecko. Beautiful gecko; amazing pattern on the head, back and tail. Would make a great pet and, in time, likely a great breeder. Price INCLUDES FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping within the Contiguous United States. Please inquire for shipping prices to Alaska.

Date of birth: 5/12/2021

Weight: 36 Gram(s)

Read our Leopard Gecko Care Guide to learn more about the care required for this reptile.

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This reptile was produced by Moonbeam Geckos

Moonbeam Geckos is a division of Jungle John® Entertainment (www.junglejohn.com) and provides captive-bred, organically-fed leopard geckos in many beautiful color phases. We have 35+ years of expert experience for the healthiest, happiest geckos!

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