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Image 1 for Johnny x Dazed baby #3

Johnny x Dazed baby #3


Chahoua Gecko ∙ Rhacodactylus chahoua


Female from our Johnny and Dazed pairing.

Date of birth: 12/20/2020

Weight: 51 Gram(s)

There is only 1 reptile in this listing.

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This reptile was produced by Kirkman's Reptiles

We are a Husband & Wife team sharing our passion for reptiles. We breed: Gargoyles Isle De Pine Chahoua (Pine Island) Leachies Hog Island Boas Paraguanera Venezuela Boas

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This Reptile’s Mother

Dazed (Gekkonidazed)

Picture #1
Picture #2

Produced by Gekkonidazed Geckos: Mordicus is an F1 male from Frank Fast and Persephone was produced by Big Fat Geckos out of Micky and Malory

This Reptile’s Father

Johnny 5

Picture #1
Picture #2

Produced by L.A.C Herps: Patrick (RMRpetiles ( Rusty Miller - Tinley Spring 2013)) X Gypsy (Terri Kane (Green Jeans Line))