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Image 1 for Unsexed Phelsuma standingi

Unsexed Phelsuma standingi


Image of Standing Day Gecko

Standing Day Gecko ∙ Phelsuma standingi


I have 0.0.6 Phelsuma standingi available. These hatched 5/12/23 (2x), 6/6/23 (2x) and 8/11/23 (2x). I have not tried to take them out to sex them, so selling unsexed, but could try to sex before shipping.

Date of birth: 5/12/2023

There are 6 reptiles available in this listing.

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This reptile was produced by Chris Anderson

I am a life long hobbyist and professional herpetologist who specializes in chameleons. I also breed a number of additional species, particularly day geckos, and work with numerous others, primarily as a hobby.

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