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Image 1 for Tricolor Hognose Snake - 013

Tricolor Hognose Snake - 013


Tricolor Hognose Snake ∙ Xenodon pulcher


1.0 CBB'22 tricolor hognose snake (Xenodon pulcher) produced here at Wellspring Herpetoculture. This snake is very well established and feeding readily on frozen-thawed pinky mice and iguana or frog reptilinks. This one has the lightest coloration of any hatched here this year, with lovely pale orange bands. A full record sheet charting growth, feeding schedule, and shedding cycles will be provided.  XP - 013

Date of birth: 9/14/2022

Weight: 16 Gram(s)

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This reptile was produced by Wellspring Herpetoculture

Wellspring Herpetoculture is the passion project of Roy Arthur Blodgett. Roy keeps an eclectic array of reptiles with a focus on naturalistic, biotope husbandry. His background as a naturalist and ecological educator strongly inform his practice in herpetoculture, and he is constantly striving to progress his husbandry and encourage a broader range of natural behaviors in the animals in his care.

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