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High Contrast Tang Tremper het. Eclipse

Image 1 for High Contrast Tang Tremper het. Eclipse

High Contrast Tang Tremper het. Eclipse


Image of Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko ∙ Eublepharis macularius

Het Eclipse
Tremper Albino

Proven breeder! Generally pretty friendly and easy to handle, would make an excellent pet or breeder. Pairing: WY HC CH Tang Tremper ph Eclipse X HC RAPTOR Feeding on mealworms, small superworms, dubia roaches, etc

Date of birth: 6/11/2019

Weight: 65 Gram(s)

Read our Leopard Gecko Care Guide to learn more about the care required for this reptile.

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This reptile was produced by Sunfish Exotics

Hello! My name is Morgan Carpenter, I'm a small-scale reptile breeder and artist living in NC. I actually started as an aquarium hobbyist but after I got my first leopard gecko I was completely hooked on reptiles. Each year I've been building my knowledge base and try my absolute best to provide the best possible care for my personal animals and the animals I sell! In the past I have bred corn snakes and leonis kingsnakes but I am currently producing select western hognoses, leopard geckos, and northern mexican pinesnakes. I have other projects (mainly pituophis) I'm raising up as well!

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