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Image 1 for Female Striped Normal

Female Striped Normal


Image of African Fat-Tailed Gecko

African Fat-Tailed Gecko ∙ Hemitheconyx caudicinctus

Het Patternless
Pos het Amel
Pos het Oreo

Gorgeous Stripe on this girl!

Date of birth: 9/19/2021

Weight: 19 Gram(s)

Read our African Fat-Tailed Gecko Care Guide to learn more about the care required for this reptile.

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We are a family-based, mid-scale breeder of high end AFTs, Leos, and Gargoyle Geckos. Our primary focus is the health and well being of every animal in our collection. We work with only top quality genetics, with great attention to detail in the geckos that we choose for breeding projects. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!!!

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