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Image 1 for Female Northern Blue Tongue Skink

Female Northern Blue Tongue Skink


Image of Northern Blue Tongue Skink

Northern Blue Tongue Skink ∙ Tiliqua scincoides intermedia

Fenn Orange

Beautiful proven female northern Free Shipping!

Date of birth: 3/9/2022

Read our Northern Blue Tongue Skink Care Guide to learn more about the care required for this reptile.

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This reptile was produced by Blazin Blue Tongues

We work with northern blue tongue skinks and bearded dragons. We primarily breed northerns and on occasion the beardies. We offer a wide diverse collection of various colors and lineage.

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This Reptile’s Mother


Fenn Orange
Red Orange Amber
White Sunset
Picture #1

This Reptile’s Father


Orange Lavaburst
Picture #1

Has the red orange of a Phoenix. He is an orange lavaburst we produced.