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Image 1 for Anaconda het Albino ph Sable

Anaconda het Albino ph Sable


Image of Western Hognose Snake

Western Hognose Snake ∙ Heterodon nasicus


Has had 10+ meals, all f/t unscented. Feeding readily off tongs or drop feeding. Pairing: Ex Red Albinoconda X Purple Line Arctic Anaconda het Sable, ph Albino

Date of birth: 7/20/2022

Weight: 12 Gram(s)

Read our Western Hognose Snake Care Guide to learn more about the care required for this reptile.

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Hello! My name is Morgan Carpenter, I'm a small-scale reptile breeder and artist living in NC. I actually started as an aquarium hobbyist but after I got my first leopard gecko I was completely hooked on reptiles. Each year I've been building my knowledge base and try my absolute best to provide the best possible care for my personal animals and the animals I sell! In the past I have bred corn snakes and leonis kingsnakes but I am currently producing select western hognoses, leopard geckos, and northern mexican pinesnakes. I have other projects (mainly pituophis) I'm raising up as well!

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This Reptile’s Mother


Pos Het Sable
Picture #1

Arctic Anaconda ph. Sable, Albino My friendliest little hognose!

This Reptile’s Father


Picture #1

Extreme Red Albinoconda My first holdback from 2017, produced from Onyx X Garnet.