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Select breeding businesses are now available to shop on HappyDragons with more fantastic breeders being added every month!

    Good for Beginner Keepers

    These species are great for first-time reptile owners or keepers who are looking for a slightly lower maintenance pet. Care requirements are fairly straightforward, requiring less time and space than other species, and tend to have more easygoing temperaments with moderate to high tolerance to handling.

    Good for Advanced Keepers

    We recommend that these species go only to keepers with extensive reptile experience. Care requirements are more complex and time-consuming and most will require very large or specialized enclosures. Temperaments can be difficult to manage, so the taming process is longer and more demanding.

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    The HappyDragons Care Guides

    Our team of reptile experts prepare comprehensive care guides, using evidence-based research and combined experience, to better educate pet owners on each species, build an ideal captive environment, and understand the responsibilities of providing the best care possible. Care guides will be regularly updated with new scientific findings and proven insights from the app community.

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    The HappyDragons App

    Our community-based mobile app will be designed to promote reptile-first care and discover new insights into reptile keeping through crowdsourcing care experiences. On the iOS and Android mobile app, you will be able to:

    • Track & schedule your care
    • Report observations on your husbandry methods
    • Learn from crowd-sourced recommendations
    • Chat with fellow pet owners and breeders
    • Earn rewards for participation